For most of us buying a new tech product involves plenty of research and comparisons before we hit the buy now button. Things like features, reliability and ease of use are all important when it comes time to buy a new dash cam but price is ultimately one of the most important factors. As with most consumer items, dash cams come in a variety of different price ranges. These range from around $10 to models costing several hundred dollars.

Of course an inexpensive model will not have many of the features that you will find in the higher priced cameras but some still offer decent performance and can be a good value for your money. See our list of the best cheap dash cams to find out more on these budget models.

However the topic of this page is to show the most expensive dashboard cameras you can buy if money is not an object. If you can afford one of these cameras then price probably is not one of your major concerns. Video quality, reliability and build quality probably all take precedence. These dash cam models offer the latest technology and features that are available. Check them out below!
BlackVue DR650S-2CH 128GB
Thinkware F770 64GB
Qvia Z970 40GB
Urive Albatross 4(IV) MD-9400E