Top Dash Cams If Money Is No Object

For most of us buying a new tech product involves plenty of research and comparisons before we hit the buy now button. Things like features, reliability and ease of use are all important when it comes time to buy a new dash cam but price is ultimately one of the most important factors. As with

The Ultimate Guide To Buying A Dash Cam

Like many people you want the protection and video evidence that a dash cam can provide. In the event of an accident, road rage or vandalism a dash cam can be an invaluable tool. Buying a dashboard camera can be a difficult task as there are hundreds of models to choose from. How do you

DOD Tech

DOD TECH DOD-LS470W LS Sony Exmor Powered Full HD Dash Camera with WDR Technology & GPS Logging

DOD Tech continues to be a pioneer in the dash cam industry by being the first in the industry to create a dash cam with light sensitivity of up to ISO12800, producing the best video in dark condition without compromise. Additionally, the LS470W doubles the GPS speed and logging accuracy with an improved rate of 10Hz and the new and improved viewing angle of 150 degree allows the LS470W to record everything happening in front of your vehicle with no wave effect.