PAPAGO Car Dash Camera GoSafe 535 Super HD Dash Cam 1296P Car DVR , Car Cam, Night Vision ,Free 8GB Micro SD Card GS5358G

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PAPAGO Car Dash Camera GoSafe 535 Super HD Dash Cam 1296P Car DVR, Car Cam, Night Vision,Free 8GB Micro SD Card GS5358G

  • 1296P SUPER HD DASH CAMERA RECORDS VIDEO WITH 160 Degree WIDE ANGLE, the best resolution the market offers. The GoSafe 535 will sustain the highest quality video at night or in inclement weather.
  • CAR DVR SUPPORTS UP TO 64GB MICRO SD CARD yielding about 8 hours of recording at 1080p setting. More storage space before it loops and records over old footage. (Free 8GB Micro SD Card in Box)
  • DASH CAM HAS 3 RECORDING MODES TO CHOOSE FROM: Automatic Recording (Loop recording), Monitor Mode (1 picture per second to save storage space), and Motion Detection(motion-activated recording).
  • On DASH CAMERA COMES WITH TWO DIFFERENT MOUNTS. Package includes 1 suction cup mount and 1 adhesive mount. You'll be able to choose the mount that suits your vehicle best.

PAPAGO Car Dash Camera GoSafe 535 Super HD Dash Cam 1296P Car DVR, Car Cam, Night Vision,Free 8GB Micro SD Card GS5358G

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Like a great hunter, the PAPAGO! GoSafe 535 dash cam was designed to capture everything in its path. Equipped with 1296p Super HD resolution and 160 degree wide angle, GoSafe 535 dash camera sustains the highest quality videos day and night, and during inclement weather, offering the best resolution the car dvr market has to offer. On top of that, the car dash camera supports up to 64GB micro SD cards, and, includes an On-The-Go cable that allows you to plug your HD dash camera straight to your Android device. No more waiting to go home to upload your videos to your computer. With CAM ON app, you’ll be able to replay and share your videos instantly. Additionally, the on dash camera is loaded with driver assist safety features like Stop Sign Recognition, Headlight Reminder, Stop-and-Go, and Driver Fatigue Warning. With its multiple recording modes, like Automatic, Monitor, and Motion Detection, the GoSafe 535 car cam is sure to record the best possible footage a dash cam can provide.

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Dash Camera Purchasing Guide

Like several individuals you desire the security as well as video clip footage that a dash cam may offer. In the event of an accident, unexpected objects or vandalism, a dash cam can be an indispensable tool.

Getting a dashboard camera can be a difficult job as there are hundreds of designs to choose from. How do you know which one is ideal for you? Which one has the functions and also integrity you need on your day-to-day commute? Some dash cams are better then others. They supply far better video quality, simplicity of usage and will just last longer!

Find the latest bargains on the latest dash cams here. These products are a perfect choice when it comes to buying a new dashboard camera.

Please look at the products below available from Amazon for more info, see more images and specifics.

We placed this guide together to help you in discovering the finest dash cam for your needs and also your budget. We will describe the most recent features as well as exactly how they can assist you determine which dashboard camera is worth your investment.

Dash Cam Features Described



A g-sensor will immediately conserve and lock the video and also save in situation of an accident edited when your memory card is full.

Video Resolution

The higher the resolution a dash cam provides indicates the higher the information of the video picture that can be taped. This is important when you need have to read a license plate number or various other tiny information. When you need to check out a certificate plate number or other tiny information, this is crucial. Seek at least 1980 x 1080 resolution when picking a dash cam. Prevent any kind of designs that have a maximum resolution of 720p as this will result in inadequate image high quality. Resolution: The greater the resolution a dash cam provides means the greater the detail of the video image that could be recorded. Look for at least 1980 x 1080 resolution when choosing a dash cam.


This means Wide Dynamic Range and also assists protect against under as well as over exposures to offer clearer video high quality under most situations.

Price Range

We can divide dashboard cameras right into 3, three general price ranges-inexpensive, mid level and also high-end

Inexpensive dashboard camera models typically set you back much less then $50. They are usually very fundamental and also do not provide attributes such as GPS. Many are common or knock-offs that are sold under numerous different brand names. We recommend staying clear of most of these as video and also general high quality is typically very poor. Budget dash cam models usually set you back less then $50.

Mid Range dash cams set you back between $50 to $150 and also supply wonderful worth in many situations in many cases. These dashboard cameras feature numerous of the features that you will certainly want and also will supply reputable operation.

High-end dashboard cameras versions can set you back two hundred or more bucks but will give you with the utmost attributes and also levels of security. These high-end designs are now starting to include attributes such as Wifi and also cloud storage space to make accessing your dash cam video clips simpler after that ever before.

Acquiring a new dashboard cameras must be enjoyable and also interesting! Just keep in mind to take a while to research the designs that fit your demands and also spending plans to be sure they are ideal for you. Check out customer reviews as well as inspect out the most recent video clips available for the models you are considering.