Many people want to buy the best dash cam for the money so we have put together this list of our top choices. These include the dash cam models that we believe to have the best value for the dollar regardless of price. They include basic dash cams as well as high end models with all the latest technology and features.

There are many great dash cams that can be bought for under $100 but there also many dashboard cameras that are not worth spending your money on. Try and avoid many of the generic models that can be found under many different names. Many of these are knock offs or copies of original dash cams but do not come with the same levels of quality or performance. When reading reviews on any dash cam look for wording such as “I received this item free or at a reduced cost in exchange for an honest review”. This can alert you that many of the reviews for this item were not made by regular purchasers.

Name brand dash cams with plenty of positive reviews are the best way to go when deciding which dash cam to buy.

Best Dash Cam For The Money


Main Features: Full 1080P HD Resolution, G Sensor, Super-wide 165 Degree Lens, GPS, Superior Night Vision

The KDLINKS X1 is a highly rated dash cam that has lots of positive reviews from its users. It provides great features such as GPS and night vision and has excellent video recording quality. See the reviews for this dash cam on Amazon.

Best Budget Dash Cam For the Money

Spy Tec G1W

Main Features: 1080P Resolution, 2.7″ LCD Screen, G-Sensor, 120 Degree Wide Angle Lens

Rated as one of the best budget dash cam models, the G1W provides good video performance clear images and audio. It has an auto on feature when your car is turned on as well as automatically will save data in the event of a collision.

Best Dual Camera Dash Cam For The Money

Blackvue Cloud DR650GW

Main Features: Front and Rear Cameras, Cloud Service, Built-in Wi-Fi, GPS, G Sensor

The Blackvue DR650GW is the best selling dual camera that allows for both front and rear view video coverage. It features the newest technology such as Wifi that allows you to connect the dash cam to your smartphone or tablet as well as GPS to keep track of your speed and location. Find out more about this dash cam and read the user reviews at Amazon.