Top Brands Of Dash Cams

A dashboard camera is an essential piece of equipment for every car owner. Discover ratings and reviews on the best selling dashboard camera models. Find a top rated dash cam with the latest features you need.

Recommended Dash Cams

Types Of Dash Cams

Dashboard Cameras come in a variety of different types to suit every driver’s needs. Prices range from under $20 for a budget model to over $300 for a premium dash cam. We recommend staying away from most of the lower priced budget dash cams as they offer inferior video quality compared to more expensive units. The G1W is a budget dash cam that has received good reviews  (see Top 5 Dash Cameras video below).

Dashboard Or Window Mounted Dash Cams

Small, compact dash cams that affix to the front windshield or on the dashboard are the most popular and are the easiest to install and transfer to another vehicle if needed.

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Dual Camera Dash Cams

Dual Camera Dash Cams consist of a front facing camera along with a rear facing camera that provides both front and back video coverage. Installing the rear camera using involves running a wire from the dash or front window mounted unit to the camera located on the rear window.

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Rear View Mirror Dash Cams

Rear View Mirror Dash Cams require some installation but provide the ultimate in convenience and appearance. Some models also provide dual camera support for a rear camera as can be used as a back up camera as well.

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Links To Top 5 Dashboard Camera Models Reviewed

#1YI Smart Dash Camera Car DVR Night Vision HD 1080P

#2Transcend 16GB DrivePro 200 Car Video Recorder

#3BlackVue New 2 Channel DR650GW-2CH 16GB

#4 Spy Tec G1W 1080P Car Dashboard Dash Camera

#5Black Box B40 A118 Stealth Dashboard Dash Camera


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